Friday, July 22, 2011

$$$ MONEY $$$

The Drums-Money

Why does everything has to do with money? 

Why don't I have any money so i can do whatever the fuck i want. 

Money should not be the goal of life because that is pathetic, but we do need it in order to survive. 

I don't necessarily see myself working my ass off and forget how to live my life. 
Isn't the goal of life is to live our dream? come on, we only live once. If you hate your permanent job, most likely you are gonna hate your life.  i know i would. 

I remember my kin 140 prof asked us" why do you going to gym if you hate it so much? there are so many alternatives out there that can replace the boring gym routine." and she explained with exercise if you don't love it it's hard to keep up, which i agree.  

but sometimes doing things I don't like its a little challenge for myself to prove that i can do it. and that makes me feel good.  Maybe I'm not as smart as others in academics but I know what I'm good at and I am going for it and hoping to be successful one day like my parents. 

one thing i learn from class is that self talk really helps your way of thinking because everything is in your head! and i think for me writing blog is my way of self talking. 

night night. 


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