Friday, January 11, 2013

Tableau Vivant

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We were introduced to "Tableau Vivant" which means living picture in my performance class, Adad Hannah has series of them referring to art historical paintings . 

Such as  A Vulgar Picture in 2010, there is a photograph and a video as well which the characters had to hold a pose for certain amount of time. I found this very interesting and unique process of making a piece of work. 

For our class exercise we were asked to produced a Tableau Vivant self portrait, and we had to use objects as props to tell the story and hold our pose for 2 minutes. Since my practice involves Art and Design I decided to make a minimal piece where A woman should always be classy and fabulous- Coco Chanel and the material for performance art is the body. So I sat on a plinth and looking fabulous to illustrate "My body is my Art".

These are some more examples of my classmates' work

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