Friday, November 16, 2012

Gastown Shophop

Hello ! I found these amazing stuff at the gastown shophop last night. 
I absolutely love each piece, all the participating shops had yellow balloons in front so it's easy to recognize where to go 
These are the store info if any of you want to check it out 

Tomato blouse (Gentille Alouette)- $32.40 

I really enjoy how the base colour isn't white or yellow but a washed out colour

Tshirt with Charles Allan Gilbert's painting- All is vanity- $27.20

I could wear this everyday! Gotta get my art on. Haha, the stylist told me this piece is limited edition there are only 10 of them so I am super lucky!  

Matiko loafers (Rowan Sky)- Reg $109 I got them for $87.20 +tax
Cards- (Nouvelle Nouvelle)- $18.23 for a single holiday card +a pack of birthday cards

I've been wanting a pair of Matiko lately from solestruck, and now I found them on sale its amazing how coincidence happen. I love their signature mint green and baby pink colours, they are like cotton candy and a bunch of fun!

Skirt (Community)- $16
Shirt (Community)- $10.98

Sometimes you can just find the coolest stuff at Community because it's unique and now it's hard to find the same style/ cut as before. For example the skirt has a cut on the left so it's mysterious showing a little but not too much. And the printed shirt is larger so i could wear it as outwear. My friend and i were totally enjoy ourselves with the fruit punch and darts/ tennis games- It's a great way to bring people to the store and have some fun! Overall it was a really good night with wine and treats + LOTS of good finds. 

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